Barometer Calibrator Baro-Cal


BAROCAL Specifications  
Barocmeter Control Range  90~110 kPa (Absolute)
Accuracy  0.01% Reading
Resolution  6 Digits
Engineering Units  Mpa, kPa, bar, kg/cm, psi, mbar, inH20@20C, inH20@4C, mmH20@20C,

 mmH20@4C, mmHg, pa
Stability Time
Control Stability
 < 10 sec
± 0.2 pa
Operating Specifications  
Barometer Chamber Case  450 x 400 x 300mm / 30 kg (with 25mm thick Perspex clear window)
Display  4.3″ TFT Color Touch Screen
Equipment Weight  11 kg
Operating Temperature  23 Deg C (+/-3 Deg C)
Power Source  230Vac @ 3 Amp


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