Portable Automatic Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator APC-150


Pressure Specification
Internal Reference Ranges  -atm to 300 psig/psia or any range below
Accuracy  +/-0.025%FS, optional 0.01%FS
Display  5 or 6 digits depending on accuracy selected
Temperature Compensation  0 to 50 Deg C to rated accuracy
Selectable Engineering Units  PSI, Mpa, kPa, Pa, Bar, mBar, kg/cm2, inH20@20 Deg C, mmH20@20 Deg C
Control Stability  0.002%FS @ less than 15 secs
Media Compatibility  Built-in electric pump, self generate
Pressure Connection  1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ NPT Female
General Specification
mA Input Accuracy  0.025%FS (24 VDC Loop Power)
Display  4.3″ TFT Colour Touch Screen
Warm Up Time  10 minutes
Communication  RS232
Size  408 x 431 x 228 mm (>150psig)  l  408 x 330 x 174 mm (<150psig)
Weight  12 kg
Power/Operating Hours  Re-chargable lead-acid battery, 8 hours per charge


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