Precision Digital Pressure Indicator PPI Series


PPI Pressure Indicator Specifications
Pressure Range  +/-2.5kPa, +/-10kPa, +/-30kPa,+/-50kPa, +/-100kPa, 0-200kPa, 0-700kPa,

 0-2Mpa, 0-7Mpa, 0-14Mpa, 0-20Mpa, 0-40Mpa, 0-70Mpa, 0-120Mpa, 0-200Mpa,
 0-300Mpa, 0-400Mpa
Accuracy for <40Mpa) / Accuracy up to >40Mpa)  (0.05%FS/0.025%FS/0.01%FS) / (0.05%FS/0.1%FS)
Resolution  5 or 6 Digits
Engineering Units  Mpa, kPa, bar, kg/cm,psi, mbar, inH20@20C, inH20@4C, mmH20@20C,

 mmH20@4C, mmHg, pa
Temperature Compensated  0 – 50 Deg C
Operating Specifications
Operating Medium  Oil / Water / Gas
Weight  3.2 Kg
Operating Temperature  0 – 50 Deg C
Pressure Connection Ports  1/4″ FNPT
 Includes: User Manual, Factory Cal Cert
 x 1 1/4″ FNPT adaptor


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